At NATRUE we like doing things differently, we hold the ingredients in high esteem, avoiding adding additives or flavourings to enhance its true taste.

This is how we do things and here we will explain it to you with complete transparency.

But shhh!
It’s our


We grind the natural ingredients

The quality starts with the grain. We use the whole grain and avoid using pastes and flours. As we grind them ourselves, we know what’s in it!


We mix the ingredients with water

And it’s not just any water! Ours comes from the Montseny Natural Park. That’s why we have settled in Viladrau and not on an industrial estate


Centrifugal process

A vital step to separate the solids from the liquid and obtain your NATRUE product. The leftovers are used for animal feed, we don’t throw anything away!


We sterilise it (UHT)

Food safety is not something to be taken lightly and in this step we ensure that your drink reaches your home in perfect condition.


We add... Nothing! No gums or added sugars!

At NATRUE we believe that the more natural the product the better.


We fill and package ourselves

Then off it goes… via the store and directly to your home!

See you
at home!